REVEALING: Anita Nderu Seems To Have Come Out Of The Closet !

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By  | Sep 18, 2020, 07:59 AM  | Anita Nderu  | Drama

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Anita Nderu was recently tortured by Kenyans on social media especially twitter and instagram for hosting two visibly gay men on her YouTube cooking show where she behaved in a very nontraditional way with the men, something that earned her a lot of bitter comments from her fans and followers online for putting such content out there to be consumed without even filtering it.

The unapologetic media personality was however unmoved by the remarks and stood her ground about what she did. 

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Now in another twist of events, Anita has caught us off guard with her new sentiments publicly expressed on social media about the LGBTQ+ community.Anita Nderu seems to have come out of the closet to associate as proudly gay. For many, it seems like they always saw it coming as there were always rumors about her being gay but for some reason, that being a delicate matter no one ever wanted to point it out publicly, besides  how sure were they at the moment.

In a rather shocking tweet, Nderu wrote a message that insinuated that she is in fact a proponet of the LGBTQ community and is not happy about the fact that society will make their children feel bad about associating with it. 

Anita Nderu

Some people were very supportive of her sentiments while others called her out for being a hypocrite who just wants to eat some of the money that is being distributed by that community to push their agenda. 

Anyway, all those sentiments and signs only confused people further because she really did not totally confirm what team she plays for , though most people have already jumped into conclusion because she came out to show that she is proponent of that community.
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