Anita Nderu On Normalizing Finding Love At 40!

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By  | Aug 07, 2020, 06:51 AM  | Anita Nderu  | Drama

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The last time she was hogging showbiz headlines, Anita Nderu, the beautiful TV girl, was defending herself after airing a cooking show that seemed to have a gay theme. It was a messy and ugly affair that got KOT bullying her to silence.

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And having defended herself in the last month’s incidence, the rather popular showbiz girl has recovered and is now preaching love and all things good as she advises her fans on how to get used to the new normal.

“Let’s normalise finding love in your 40s, normalise discovering and chasing your dreams in your 30s, normalise finding love yourself and your purpose in your 50s…because life doesn’t end after 25 or the big 30. So let’s stop acting like it does,” she posted on her Instagram.
“I am not saying just chill and hope life works out without effort. I am not suggesting as you are doing your best and leaving the rest to the universe trust that all our stories will not be the same... Don’t be too hard on yourself giving yourself unnecessary pressure and setting for things you don’t want because of a timeline that might not be your life story,” she tipped.

The pressure that comes with social media is immense. From flashy lifestyles to perfect families and ideal vacations, more often than not, we find ourselves punching way above our weight. It is perfectly normal to strive to be better but this should not lead us to depression. One of the most important things is to live within our means and accept that all our scripts differ.

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