Anerlisa Muigai's Family Give Their Account Of Tecra's Death

It still hurts

By  | Jan 10, 2023, 07:26 AM  | Drama

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Anerlisa Muigai's family has opened up about what they know about the death of Anerlisa'e sister Tecra back in May 2020. In an emotional coverage Both Anerlisa and her mother believe Tecra's life was taken away by her lover.

The cause of Tecra's death has remained a matter of debate over the years with accusations of murder by her then-boyfriend Omar Lali, taking center stage. Anerlisa's mother Senator Tabitha Karanja revealed in the John Allan Namu show titled The last Door, that her daughter withdrew from the family from the moment she started dating Omar Lali.

Anerlisa shared the same sentiments adding that her sister changed physically, attributing that to the influence Omar had on her. " At one time during an event at her house, I broke down after seeing how unkempt my sister had become, I couldn’t believe she was my sister. This is when she started dating that monster,”  she said.

Tecra was fiancé to controversial Mombasa resident Omar Lali . But things didn't end well as she died in mysterious circumstances.  Tecra met her death while she and Omar were still dating and as would have been expected, he was the main suspect in an investigation.

According to a report done by The Daily Nation, three doctors revealed that the cause of Tecra’s death was that she was hit by a blunt object. However, Omar had said earlier that Tecra fell from the stairs as she was drunk. Emily Adhiambo Rogena who is among the top pathologist in Kenya revealed that the cause of Tecra’s death was caused by a blunt object.
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Eric Cheruiyot, a former (KDF) officer, who worked for Tecra said that he never saw peace between the two for the nine months he worked for her. He said that confrontations between the two were common and that Lali would retreat to a solitary table, staying alone for many hours while Tecra would join his friends for business engagements that annoyed him. “I asked the house help why Lali was crying then she told me he had been kicked out of the Naivasha residence of Tecra,” Mr Cheruiyot testified.

Although the case against him was dropped, the Keroche family wasn't convinced and set up an inquest into the death.

"By the way shit I’ll never get over is my sister’s death because I am sure VERY SURE she DID NOT fall on the staircase. One thing people are not aware is that she was broken the hardest bone in a human body. That bone can only be broken by 2 things.
1.Serious car accident
2.Somebody using an object on you," wrote Anerlisa.

Lali insists that he loved Tecra and he would not have done anything to harm her. Well, Tecra's family holds a different opinion on the matter. We wish they find peace and comfort.
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