Anerlisa Angered By Ben Pol Over Their 'Instagram' Marriage Remarks

'If you are a man enough'

By  | Jan 13, 2023, 04:00 PM  | Anerlisa Muigai   | Drama

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Instagram Model and businesswoman Anerlisa Muigai and her Tanzanian ex-husband musician Ben Pol are having a heated exchange online. 

According to Mpasho, the criticism appears to have begun after a video of Benpol surfaced. In an interview, the musician claimed that he never enjoyed his marriage to Anerlisa since their marriage was for the gram, meaning they were just taking pictures and posting and never had time for a normal marriage.

Anerlisa has been angered by the claims and has threatened to expose messages that Ben Pol has been sending her, hinting that he still wants her.

 "If you are a man enough, I dare you to share what you have been sending me since December 25th." Anerlisa posted.

It has been a year since they filed for divorce after a short-lived one-year marriage. Anerlisa blamed cultural and educational differences on the failed relationship.

 The two, according to Ben Pol, met at a press conference in Nairobi in 2018 and dated for a while before getting married in 2020.

Ben Pol had been single for about a year when their paths crossed, as he had not gotten into another relationship after splitting up with the mother of his son, who is now seven years old.

He revealed that they had a regular marriage with Anerlisa, adding that he remained pretty much the same during that period and after their marriage collapsed.

 "Things were just normal in our marriage. I was just the way I am normally. My priorities are the same. I like people. I respect everyone. I cannot pinpoint something in particular that I wish I could have fixed if I had time. It's just life and how things happen in this world," he stated.
According to the musician, he and Anerlisa did not have a permanent residence during their marriage. They stayed all over. They would spend some months in Nairobi, and then go to Dar es Salaam where they would stay for a while.

Ben Pol stated that Anerlisa was a supportive partner, which enabled him to accomplish great things. According to the singer, she occasionally helped him with his music videos as she styled the models, vixens, and himself.

He added that sometimes they would stay up late hours during shoots, and Anerlisa had no qualms with that, and he often consulted her.

When asked what he misses about her, Ben Pol remained coy and explained that his answer might result in problems.

The musician also let slip that Anerlisa would occasionally get into the kitchen to prepare meals for him, just like any other wife would do for her husband.


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