Anerlisa Says Her Husband Ben Pol Is Trash

No love...

By  | Nov 29, 2020, 12:57 PM  | Anerlisa Muigai  | Drama

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Anerlisa is no longer in love with her husband’s talents. The Keroche industries heiress is not impressed by her husband’s gift. 

Ben Pol who is Anerlisa’s hubby, is an RNB Bongo star. He just released a song dubbed ‘Hio Ndio Mbaya.’ The song is about a man who finds out that the love of his life is cheating on him.

The video is a bit too raunchy. When a fan asked Anerlisa about her feelings towards the song and video she did not miss her words. The heiress stated that she found the song ratchet and trashy.

The couple has a had a very unclear relationship. The two seem to know almost nothing about each other. Just last month, Ben Pol converted to Islam and his wife was shocked to find this out. She learned of the news via social media. She revealed that her attempts to get his comments on the matter were in vain as he did not answer her calls. 

“I'm also confused because I only recently saw the photo on social media. I'm shocked but I haven't spoken to him yet; I'll look for him so he can tell me what he's decided on. I called him but my calls went unanswered. Maybe he needs time to rest and doesn’t want disturbances.”

Ben Pol and Anerlisa tied the knot at an exquisite wedding ceremony in June which was attended by the whose-who. Months later in June, cracks started appearing in their union after Anerlisa unfollowed him on Instagram and they both deleted each others’ photos 

The singer soon after said he was taking a break from social media for ‘cleansing’ and would be unreachable, writing;

“I think it’s time to take care of myself and put myself first…I needed some cleansing, God bless.” 

In October, Anerlisa seemed to confirm all is not well with Ben Pol, writing;

“Somebody called me, asking if I was aware 'my husband' was live, talking things she couldn’t understand, she even sent me screenshots. Unfortunately, I never got to watch but it makes it clear that we are not in good terms. I am a person who likes to protect my image and all I know is that I like being respected and any husband should do the same to their wife."

The couple met in early 2018. Ben Pol said he did not know that his Anerlisa Muigai, was a multi-millionaire, when he met her. The Moyo Mashine star said he met the Nero CEO in early 2018 at a press conference that was organised by the businesswoman’s friend in Nairobi.

“After addressing journalists at the briefing, I found myself and Anerlisa left alone in the hall, I did not know who she was; I did not know whether she was a multi-millionaire. I was only attracted to her because she was beautiful.”

Ben Pol and Anerlisa’s marriage is starting to seem like a sham. Do they even really love each other?

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