Anerlisa Muigai Goes Missing

IG Account deleted

By  | Mar 16, 2021, 12:09 PM  | Anerlisa Muigai  | Drama

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Businesswoman Anerlisa Muigai's Instagram Account is missing. Fans have been speculating that the account was deleted.

Anerlisa who is very active on her IG has been posting about her business Nero Water and some of the new products they were launching.

She also shared snippets of her life as a married woman. The businesswoman is married to Tanzanian singer Ben Pol.

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No one knows if the Nero CEO took a break or was hacked. This comes after she told off netizens who were asking about her mother Tabitha Karanja's weightloss.

Instagram users can temporarily disable their accounts to hide their profile, photos, comments, and likes until they want to reactivate it by logging back in.
IG also allows users to request for permanent deletion of their account, after which Instagram takes 90 days to completely remove the account.

Once you delete your account, this action can't be undone. All your photos and account history, including followers, likes and comments, will be permanently removed and you won't be able to sign up using the same username if you ever create another account.

Instagram has a temporary deactivation option. This allows users to disable their account for a period of time and return to it later, meaning that your profile, photos, videos, comments and likes will be hidden from other users while your account is deactivated and will all reappear when you choose to reactivate it.

Anerlisa who is very protective of her family cautioned netizens against speaking on her mother telling them to keep off.

Photos of Mrs Karanja started doing rounds online after she appeared in a Nairobi court during an inquest into her daughter Tecra Muigai’s death.

Anerlisa took to her Insta stories and revealed that her mother and other family members had made intentional decisions to lose weight for their wellbeing.

“Leave my mum alone, her weight loss is fine and we decided as a family to shed off excess weight. #healthyliving,” she posted.

The family is currently in the middle of an inquest into Tecra Muigai’s death after she succumbed to injuries at a Nairobi hospital while undergoing treatment.

Netizens were shocked after seeing Mrs Karanja during the inquest hearing in the death of Tecra. In a tell-it-all testimony before an inquest into the death of Tecra Muigai, Mrs Karanja said her daughter would have achieved her big dreams were it not for the relationship with Omar Lali, which she blamed for her death.

The Keroche Breweries owner said eight months after Tecra and Lali began their relationship, her daughter had transferred more than Sh1.2 million to her boyfriend's account through bank and mobile money transfers.

“This was very suspicious, given that Omar was old and Tecra was very young. It would have been vice-versa, for him to send her money. And if Tecra was the one giving him money, then there was something very wrong with their relationship,” said Mrs Karanja.

“She sent me the picture of Omar, but I told her the man was too old to be her boyfriend. She then eloped with him to Lamu, but later agreed to come back to Naivasha, where we tried to talk to her, but she refused to leave him."
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