Anerlisa Bashes Diana And Defends Bahati

Pot calling kettle black?

By  | Nov 18, 2022, 06:18 PM  | Anerlisa Muigai   | Drama

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Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai has posted her own reaction to the viral video of Diana Marua confessing that she dated multiple men for money in the past.

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Perhaps not one to hold a the moral high ground considering she's just fresh from concluding a divorce from Tanazanian singer Ben Pol while Diana has managed to maintain her own marriage to singer Bahati, but still Anerlisa had some solid thoughts.

”Nothing against Diana," she started, "I am one of the people who admire her as a mum but why the need to come out right now?" she wondered. "Sad truth is that people will go straight to the body count.

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She then went on to defend Bahati's honour as she sees him as the unintended victim in all this hubbub. She also threw in some advise to Diana to boot: "I think after being a mother and having a man who has accepted all your flaws, this kind of information should be kept private. Your past sometimes can get people viewing you differently even if it’s to help people and if you really want to tell the story use a friend as reference, the message will be heard."

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Did Diana bed Victor Wanyama?
Diana Marua has been trending online since yesterday after a video surfaced of her confessing about her past. In the video, Diana brags about dating several men at once for money.

The video has been viewed over half a million times on twitter in the past 24 hours.

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Immediately after, internet sleuths went digging and brought up old pictures of Diana with all kinds of different men. And among them is a selfie with football star Victor Wanyama. Diana and the former Harambee Stars captain look cozy together inside his car.
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But Diana has previously denied ever dating the Tottenham Hotspurs and Celtic legend, saying that the private selfie picture was one of many pictures they took that day. Many of which were group photos.

“Guys I met Victor through a mutual friend and we happened to hang out,” she started. “So that translated to us taking selfies and group photos, and Kenyans on Twitter bana, you guys chose not to pick the group photo but you chose to highlight the selfie photo, which mnapenda mushene.”

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She then went on to categorically remove Wanyama's name from her body count, “So me and him have never dated, and I have never thought even in my wildest thoughts that I will ever date him.”
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