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Anerlisa Muigai Bleaching her skin

By  | Jul 25, 2021, 12:02 AM  | Drama

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Before the recent happenings that have been occurring this past week or so came to be, Anerlisa was known as the it-girl that was taking instgram by storm.
After her huge weight loss journey, she suddenly stopped being an overweight groggy heiress to the girl with the shapely body and the CEO of a billion shilling company even had a man so in love with her that he made a whole song just for her and it was a big hit!

Since then, yes, she's been divorced, but Anerlisa has only been getting better. She's been getting even shapelier, her company is doing better than ever, she's getting more beautiful by the day, she seems happier by the day as well.
But hold on -there's been another change in Anerlisa that people seem to have been noticing as well. She's been getting more and more light-skinned. In fact, she's been getting *too* light-skinned!
And it seemed that people have been taking the subtle note of that as well, and some of them have been asking if she's been lightening her skin up during Quarantine.
Well, she may have finally confessed.
Anerlisa took to her Instagram stories to post a picture that made it extremely obvious in the colour of her skin tone!
The pictures, which were before and afters of her, showed her right after she lost all of the weight and a few days ago.
There was a stark difference. She did not comment on anything, just put up a 'covering your mouth' emoji.
This could not possibly come at a worse time for her because she's been getting trolled on social media for being a 'fake'. She had posted a few days ago, hinting that Benpol was trying to get back together with her and the people did not buy it!
It was a video of her getting flowers delivered, with a card that was written 'i'm sorry' -mind you the flowers were delivered smack dab in the middle of the meeting.

So for her, the 'fake' thing has been making the rounds and people just aren't buying it this time around.
Granted, she may have been talking about the bodily change in the pictures because she looked much leaner in the second picture, but she also looked much lighter and the difference was more than difficult not to observe. 
Could she be trying to get lighter? If so, why would she? Was this a confession and if it was did she use the same potion as Vera Sidika? Anerlisa almost looks the same shade as her now. 
There are rumours that she had been in a new relationship that may affect it as well.

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