Andy Kibe Calls Out Different Celebs

Time to act

By  | Sep 29, 2021, 08:43 AM  | Drama

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If you have been following Andy Kibe closely, you will notice that he is on a rant. Almost every day, he is always picking a fight with one celebrity. He recently got into an online fight with Jalango and Eric Omondi. For Jalango, Kibe had an issue with the producers of his show. Jalango interviewed the famous mtumba guy who showed up wearing a dress and Kibe lost it! he accused Jalango of promoting homosexuality. 

By now you already know that Eric Omondi is Jimmy Wanjigi’s campaign manager who went all the way to campaign for Jimmy by putting on a dress and makeup and Kibe thought that Eric was going overboard. In his recent video, he has called out so many celebrities like Betty Kyallo, Njugush, Terrence Creatives, Kamene Goro, and yet again, Jalas. According to Kibe, a lot is happening in the country and the celebrities are doing nothing about it.

Eric Omondi said nothing. Jalas said nothing. Betty nothing. None of these mfs opened their mouth to say what’s happening in the country. Everybody is quiet. Yur people are being nyanyaswad on the streets. Sill a^ bit^^. It’s good I have you guys here. Sh^^ is going on in your country. But the police. Because of someone who is in the air. They use the police to disrupt the event. All you visitors are fools. You have accepted to be made fools out of. Mnasema aaii who is going to save us from this impunity. Do not allow your rights to be taken. Lambistic piece of sh^^. 

The funny thing about this video is that, weirdly, Kibe’s fans seem to be agreeing with what he is saying in this video. They are not always agreeing with him, a good example is about what he said about mtumba guy. He was called out and told to respect other people’s hustles. Jalango told him that thanks to his show, mtumba guy had already bagged a number of lucrative deals. But for this particular video, well, the truth is, a lot is happening in our country. And for some weird reasons, or rather, Kibe believes that it is up to our celebrities to stand up and say something.

Of all the celebrities, Kamene Goro is the one that responded to Kibe and told him not to involve her in her rants. Wueh! Brutal! Remember how Kamene and Kibe used to be best friends, how things changed really fast! These two started as co-hosts at NRG radio before they were poached by Kiss Fm. Now they are exchanging words online. Kamene once revealed that her relationship with Kibe grew apart and that’s why they are no longer that close.

In my opinion, Kibe has a point. Only the part where we need to speak up. I don’t think we have to put pressure on other people to have the change that we need. It is upon everyone to do something. Tue, these celebrities would help us a great deal but I think it is everyone’s responsibility to try and make a change, the change that they need.

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