Kibe Takes Pleasure In Harmonize-Eve Mungai Rumours

Should Trevor be worried?

By  | Feb 06, 2023, 09:23 AM  | Andrew Kibe  | Drama

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Andrew Kibe has long been predicting that Trevor's relationship with Eve Mungai will end in tears. And now, the outspoken podcaster can't help but take some pleasure at the weekend sighting of Eve in the company of Harmonize- a renowned playboy.

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YouTuber Eve Mungai and Bongo star Harmonize spent the weekend together in Embu where he had jetted in for a concert. The Atarudi hitmaker started flirting with Eve all the way from the airport after his arrival and this went on to social media where he did not hide his love for the “Celebrity Interviewer”.
Harmonize took to social media to highlight his fondness for the YouTuber after he went on and responded to her Instagram post with “Queen” followed by heart emoji.

This comment was on a photograph of Eve in which she was dressed in all white and captioned it “Ready for the night, Harmonize white party”.

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Kibe took to his twitter immediately after these happenings to rub it into Trevor's face. Trevor and Eve celebrated their anniversary in style just last week, but this Harmonize incident may be the first warning that Kibe was right about a pending breakup that will leave Trevor- whom he calls kafukuswii- distraught.

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Kibe didn't mince his words on the twitter post saying:

Eve Mungai and Trevor have been at crossroads with Andrew Kibe for a while now. Kibe had criticized the relationship between Eve and Trevor and prophesied doom against it and the couple could not let Kibe get away with it.
Eve immediately started firing shots at Kibe saying that in his old age, she could not understand how he had the time to insult young and uprising personalities in the industry.

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Eve went on to say that for a divorced man (Kibe), to have the audacity to lecture her on how relationships should work when he is not in any functioning relationship was outright disrespectful and that he had no right to give such unsolicited advice.
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Harmonize doesn't seem to have much luck with women. He dated Jacqueline Wolper, they split up, according to Harmonize, because Wolper wanted his boss Diamond Platnumz and had other lovers.

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After splitting from his Italian ex-wife Sarah and his brief engagement with Australian beauty Briana, Harmonize dated Bongo actress Fridah Kajala. The two were dating for a while. They had a public breakup in 2021 after Rayvanny accused Harmonize of sending nude pictures to her daughter. Fridah Kajala pardoned the Kwangwaru hitmaker and were rumored to be in a relationship again for a while before they split once again.

Since divorcing his ex-wife Sarah Michelotti, an Italian, Harmonize hasn't remarried. Harmonize announced the birth of his sole daughter Zuhera Nasra on his Instagram page less than a month after divorcing his wife Sarah Michelloti.
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