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By  | Feb 01, 2023, 05:03 PM  | Drama

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A few days ago content creator and comedian Terence creatives made a video where he was dancing while wearing his boxer shorts. The video went viral as the comedian ended up trending country-wide.

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The video soon attracted the attention of his long-time rival Andrew Kibe who certainly jumped on it with his criticism of the comedian. Kibe went on to make a video roasting the comedian for the video. According to Kibe, the comedian resulted to making such a video because he ran out of content. He further attributes Terence's wife Milly's influence on Terence as the main reason Terence made the video.

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The vlogger calls out the comedian for stooping too low to make such a video saying it is a very bad example to the young people who will be watching it.

This is not the first time Andrew Kibe has descended on Terence and his wife. On countless occasions, Kibe has accused Terence of being dominated by his wife to which Terence responded by saying that he never minds being dominated as long as it brings peace to his household.

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Even so, their marriage has not been a walk in the park as Terence would narrate in a past interview. Before they even tied the knot Terence faced it rough after he got robbed just before the day of dowry negotiations and all he remained with were presents.

 He had carried the gifts that he was supposed to present to Milly’s family and some money in his pocket. If you come to think about it, it is all a little bit funny, even Milly had to laugh about it when Terrence was narrating this incident. How these thieves took the money only to leave Terrence with the gifts! 

Milly says that at the time, Terrence was a big gambler, and she doesn’t believe that he was actually robbed. Gabbling is not the only struggle the two had to fight over as the comedian was also a smoker. Thankfully he quit smoking a few years ago and hasn't looked back since then.

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Terence got to the climax of his career in content creation and comedy after he created a series of programs on Youtube inspired by the Wash wash business that had been exposed by blogger Edgar Obare.

The program earned him the name Papa Freddie as was his character name. It further opened doors for the couple as they even traveled to South Africa courtesy of the KESA Expo event under the Arts & Culture category together with SMEs from different industries in Kenya and South Africa.

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