Kibe Launches 'Men's Masterclass'

Is this a new low?

By  | May 20, 2021, 12:48 PM  | Drama

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Andrew Kibe is on the news again, and as you suspected, it may not be for good reasons... or is it?

Andrew has found himself in the negative limelight so many times now that he is most probably used to it. The former Kiss 100 radio presenter has revealed that he may in fact to coming in with an announcement that he says, will actually benefit this time around.

The Rogue Radio presenter has gone out and said that he will be heading and conducting a master class on manhood, much to the internet's astonishment.

The masterclass, titled 'Kibe's Master Class' will be an online live zoom class that he announced would begin tomorrow the 21st of May.

In the poster, he described the event as an opportunity to free yourselves.
"emancipate yourelf from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free out minds!"
The poster was simply a description of the very first lesson which he titled 'It's All About Me' describing the class as 'simple, distilled, and actionable.'

The class he described, was going to be on a few topics some of which included 'why men have to become selfish' 'good guys finish last' 'instruct don't discuss' and some x-rated ideas.

He priced the program at 1,250ksh.

Kenyans went berserk on Twitter.

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