Andrew Kibe Finally Silenced


By  | Apr 29, 2021, 09:40 AM  | Drama

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Kibe has been a sore topic for many Kenyans, specifically women and some men particularly due to the foul-mouthed language, misogynistic, and sexist ways that he insists on pedaling to the public on an almost daily basis, preaching topics like 'manly' respect, paying for dates, taking a partner home, being a man at the expense of your woman and plenty other increasingly red-pilled discussions aimed at undermining and devaluing the women in our lives.
fortunately, when after another one of his rants and backlash on social media, Kibe resigned his presenter post on Kiss FM and that was a moment of celebration for many Kenyan women and supporters everywhere; they thought they had been rid of him for good.

However, the bloke had had an ace up his sleeve and had been making plans to open up his own online radio station dubbed Rogue Radio and from there, the man has been making outrageous statements left and right on The Andrew Kibe Show in attempts to capture the attention of women everywhere but they had long since forgotten about him ever since they were not forced to listen to him on public radio and his devoted listeners would follow him keenly back to his remote corner of the internet.

This might have irked him much more than he made apparent because he then began poking and prodding at fellow men for 'simping' aka treating their women with kindness and generosity labeling them as half-men and other demeaning insults.
This morning the Rogue Radio presenter decided to launch an all-aimed attack on David Ndii, a Twitter bigwig who frequently talks about family life and the loving relationship between him and his wife on his Live Radio Station 
"david ndii should never talk about relationships again. unaskia huyo msee alituangsha aje?this n**** goes on the internet to tell guys 'you know i get in kitchen all the time i cook for my wife...' Bro! shut the f***up! nobody wants to hear that s*** what are you saying?--bro we respect you when it comes to econoics and all of that s*** ill follow you to the ends of the earth, but when it comes to women, shut it. i dont want to hear your opinions again, nuwaigua?"
At this, Ndii responded on Twitter
"is this the bloke who is married on paper, gropes married women in public, and may or may not have slept with a married co-host. can he enroll for d*** therapy."
"a known mysoginist philandereer with a p******* cloud hanging over his head has the cheek to clout chase with my name, and youve people pleading i shouldnt stoop so low. you are breeding these monsters. you think they wont prey on your sisters and daughters, wives even."
the Radio host has neither reacted nor responded, a literal first for the presenter who is known for his fearless clapbacks. Historical.
Apart from the crazy few, viewers are yet to sympathize
@nyoona.majimbo Ndii did not lie and did not stutter!
@thischicboke someone had to check him
@modelnatalia254 ouchhhh.... mliamua huruma ni estate
@dianah254 sema kimeumana_m.a.r.v.e_ David's reply is like a bullet to the heart. The comeback has no response

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