Andrew Kibe Facing Jail Time For Dating A Minor

Kumbe ni under 18

By  | Feb 03, 2021, 08:37 AM  | Drama

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The story about Andrew Kibe dating a minor has been going round but with no concrete proof. Well, the mother of the young girl has surfaced and has confirmed that the girl is actually 17 years old. 

This story was first put out by blogger Edgar Obare who shared it on his page. People claiming to be friends and relatives to the young girl came out to share the story and condemned Andrew Kibe. Pictures of a naked Kibe and the girl were shared as well.

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According to blogger Obare, Kibe is said to have started his intimate relationship with the girl back when she was still 16 years old. Since Kibe maintains his silence without showing any remorse – many on social media have come out to condemn him for being a pedophile. 

There were some people who chose to defend him saying that the girl had already started acting like an adult before Kibe happened; and just because he was caught doesn’t mean he is to blame for the girl’s actions.

This story finally reached the girl’s mom who leaves in the UK. The young girl was staying with her grandparents while the mom went to the UK. 

The mother has vowed to take legal action against Andrew Kibe for dating a minor. Kibe has not responded to any of the allegations and his dating profiles on Tinder and Badoo are still active.
It is alleged they met on the platforms and hooked up later on. Some say the girl was pimped out to him and she works as an online prostitute but her aunt and mother refute those claims.

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