Andrew Kibe Deconstructs Manzi Wa Kibera

Fake life will catch up with you

By  | Apr 23, 2022, 04:38 PM  | Drama

Andrew Kibe Deconstructs Manzi Wa Kibera
A few days after Manzi wa Kibera came out to confess that she was faking about buying a Toyota Prado, as expectedAndrew Kibe has come out to deconstruct her for trying to live a fake life.

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So if you are not aware of what has been going on, Manzi wa Kibera a few days ago Posted a video with a Toyota Prado TX with her name imprinted on the plates.

She made everyone believe that the car was hers until she couldn't keep up with the lies.

So a few days later she came out to confess that the car was actually not hers and she was faking it all for clout. She further added that trying to fake it was becoming more expensive than she thought as people would give her weird looks when she boards a matatu.

So she resulted to use uber even for short distances where she could easily use a matatu and it was becoming unbearable for her.
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That is not the only fake thing Manzi wa Kibera has been caught on.  Recently in an interview on NTV, she revealed that her behinds are not real but  since she enhanced them.

Now Andrew Kibe reacting to that story said that most of the celebrities in Kenya can't afford the kind of life they try to display on social media since content creation in the country does not pay as much as many people imagine.

The Youtuber further said that it is very few people who can afford a Prado tx in the industry mostly the top tier content creators of which Manzi wa Kibera is not among them.

It will be noted just recently another content creator Crazy Kennar also bought the same model of a car as it was displayed on social media.

Bahati bought Diana a similar car on valentines day, sparking rumors that it is a fake gift.  A lot of content creators have been said to be faking all these things to try and impress social media followers.

Still, in 2021 Thee Pluto another content creator bought the same model on his birthday.  So does content creation bring in such an amount of money?

Kibe further added that it has become very difficult to trust whatever, celebrities say since most of them are out here chasing clout and sooner or later their fake life will catch up with them.

He added that ladies in Nairobi will go to any lengths to try to fake life just to impress people on social media. So do you believe everything people show off on social media or do you just take it with a pinch of salt? 

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