Andrew Kibe Challenges Bien To Ditch Sauti Sol


By  | Oct 03, 2022, 04:37 PM  | Drama

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Last week a feud between Eric Omondi and Bien from Sauti Sol was witnessed online after it emerged that Kenyan music was performing poorly in the apple music with over 90% of the songs dominating the Kenyan airwaves being from Nigeria.  The only Kenya artist that featured in the top 100 list was Bien with two songs on the list.
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Eric went on to lecture Kenyan artists telling them to up their game or they will continue losing to the Nigerians. According to Eric the best way to sell Kenyan content was to create a buzz around the artist's content and clout. Responding to him Bien wrote,

"You’re an idiot. Honestly, what are you even saying. 95% of the artists on that list are not doing gimmicks. They’re simply putting out songs. Show me a gimmick in my life. I have only always made music. You’ve pushed this agenda for too long. Willy Paul doesn’t have to date all those women he has worked with. Jovial did not have to date Mario. Hizo gimmicks zinachosha. POLICY POLICY POLICY!!!!! Nigeria the other day said NO FOREIGN MODELS in their adverts. Those are the things that make them prosper!!!! When systems are made right everybody wins."

Controversial vlogger Andrew Kibe has reacted to the whole drama and in a video, he released on his Youtube channel Kibe felt that Sauti Sol as a band was pulling Bien behind and was of the opinion that if Bien wanted to rise and have a name in the continent he had to ditch the band.
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Kibe went on to argue that Bien is the one who holds the band together musically and there would be no Sauti Sol without Bien. He further supported Eric Omondi in his argument that Kenyan artists are not doing well when it comes to marketing their music.

For the past few months, Eric and Bien have been on each other's neck since the rant Eric made some time in 2021 about Kenyan artists being used as curtain-raisers for foreign artists when performing in the country.

Bien defended the artists saying what matters the most is the pay and not who performs when. The drama that followed saw Eric and Bien have a confrontation at the Konshens concert that was organized by NRG radio.

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The comedian also went further to stage a demonstration outside the parliament building. In his demonstration, Eric was seeking to have parliament discuss and pass a law that makes it mandatory for Kenyan media outlets to play 75% of the Kenyan content.

Since last year Eric took on a role of a savior for Kenyan artists when he kicked off a campaign to have Kenyan media outlets playing 75% of Kenyan content.

In his argument Eric claimed the Kenyan art industry from music to film is ragging behind out of neglect by the Kenyan media since they only concentrate on playing just foreign content on radios and Tv.

He further laid the blame on the Kenyan artists for laxity and allowing themselves to be used just as curtain-raisers by other foreign artists when they come to the country.
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