Andrew Kibe Attacks Mungai Eve Again

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By  | Apr 13, 2022, 12:48 PM  | Drama

Andrew Kibe Attacks Mungai Eve Again
The long-standing feud between Andrew Kibe and Mungai Eve has been reignited just a few days after the beautiful content creator turned 22.

Kibe has taken to his Youtube channel to crucify Mungai Eve and Trevor over a throwback video to a song the two were featured in.
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This was more of retaliation from Kibe who has been accused by the duo of being a failure in life out of the many ventures he has engaged in all of them failing.

In the video, Kibe tells the couple to stop castigating him for his failed ventures as they also appear to have a failed music career.

 The rivalry between Kibe and the couple however did not start yesterday. Just recently he spoke doom over their relationship telling Trevor that their relationship will suffer the same fate as that of Mulamwah.

The very root of their rivalry was however when Kibe went on his channel to criticize their relationship a while back, and the two heated up as they responded to him with fire and fury in an interview with Presenter Ali.

A visibly upset Eve decided to immediately open up to the viewers and she did not mince her words one bit. She immediately started firing shots at Kibe saying that at his old age, she could not understand how he had the time to insult young and uprising personalities in the industry. 

On the issue of her relationship, Eve went on to say that for a divorced man (Kibe), to have the audacity to lecture her on how relationships should work when he is not in any functioning relationship was outright disrespectful and that he had no right to give such unsolicited advice.

Eve also came at his career by saying that Kibe should thank her, because ever since he released that video of him dissing Eve, he got the most views on his YouTube channel, adding that she was the reason for his breakthrough. 

Kibe has been reacting to different events and conversations regarding people in the entertainment industry. He has branded himself as a fighter for the boy child, and there has been an online debate on if he should be the one to replace the late Mzee Kibor as men's conference chairman.
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