Amira Officially Asks Jimal For Divorce

Rohosafi’s IG post of Amber Ray might have been triggering

By  | Nov 04, 2021, 08:16 AM  | Drama

Jimal Rohosafi
Famous couple Jimal Rohosafi and Amira, who rose to notoriety thanks to their encounter with socialite Amber Ray, seemed to be in a happy place since Jimal called things off with the socialite.

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The good times seem to have come to an end, however, as an angry Amria took to her Instagram stories to request a divorce as soon as possible. Amira and Jimal and had been seemingly back together after Jimal and Amber Ray called it quits on their relationship earlier this year.

Amira has stated in the post that she will not allow Jimal to disrespect her again. The two were not in a good space after her husband Jimal had announced that he was marrying a second wife who was Amber Ray.

Amira did not take the news well and the two co-wives would battle it out on social media bashing each other via Instagram. Amber and Amira were also involved in a fight in their gated community in Syokimau where they threw insults at each other on live Instagram. It was a fight of the century that Kenyas will not forget.

Amira is now requesting fans to consider her a single mum and urged Jimal to work on getting the divorce papers. It is unclear to us what has led to all this drama as the couple has been seen posting positive pictures on social media of the family, even having breakfast together.

Jimal has also been praising his wife Amira on social media citing that it was a good decision to get back together. Does this mean that Jimal was only putting up a show for his wife? Was he not serious about his breakup with Amber Ray? 

Today is Amber's 30th birthday and it seems to be so much of a coincidence that all this drama has been unveiled on this particular day. Amber received an early birthday gift yesterday, which was an iPhone 13, from someone, anonymous, who fans seem to think is Jimal. Could this be the reason? 

Jimal has disclosed before on Jalango TV that he has been involved in various affairs outside his marriage. Jimal posted birthday wishes to his supposed ex on his Instagram page. Maybe the post elicited feelings of disrespect. 

The drama between Amira and Jimal continues even after her ex-co-wife relocated from Syokimau, where the couple lives. What would you Advice Amira? How can she keep Amber out of her head?

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