Jamal Loots Amira Property Then Gifts Amber Ray

Are Jamal And Amber Back Together?

By  | Aug 11, 2021, 11:48 AM  | Drama

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News reaching us from the blogging streets is that Amira, Jamal's first wife isn't a happy camper at the moment.

And what is causing her discontent? The mother of two is apparently unhappy with her husband giving small items to his "other woman", Amber Ray.

Amira who travels a lot to Dubai complained this week about the slight on her Instastories. Funny thing is that her initial(And more popular page which had over 160k followers at last count), Being Amira is no longer on Instagram.

In the place of her page is another called, beatsbyamira_ which has a smaller following of 24k.

But despite that many of her fans have followed her to this new page. Some of them were able to get some screenshots of her complaint.

She had written, "Aaii people who can't earn for what they need though, and how are you going to give out house items, now and a new Harman/Kardon?(which can cost upwards of 25k) Sasa if it's a speaker leo, kesho sufuria pia? Kwani tunashare umaskini ama utajiri was kujiwekelea. Earth is hard shaking my head."

She added later on in another Instastory, "Blessed is the hand that keeps on giving, but now even the smallest things can't be afforded to others as I continue working so hard?"

One can see how upset she is with the new developments.

But one must ask whether these screenshots confirm that Amber and Jamal are back together?

We can't be sure but in the photo below one can see Amber with a speaker that made another appearance when she was still with Jamal, months ago.

The two have kept a low profile for a few weeks now, although there are claims that the two were spotted having dinner this weekend.

Added to that, the speculation is that Amber is on vacation in Diani with Jamal, something we can't confirm nor deny as the man hasn't been seen in any of the photos that she has posted.

Jamal has for some time not been the favourite person in Amira's life. Right after the altercation, the two women had in Syokimau(and that forced Amber to move away) she put the blame for that incident on Jamal.

She also said that he wasn't rich, something that went counter to the image that he has put out on the streets.

“He is not rich. He lives on loans,” she disclosed. She also added that he had changed completely ever since he started dealing with the socialite.

“I don’t know what I can do about this relationship. I feel like Jamal is not himself, he doesn’t come home and even if he comes he doesn’t have time for the kids, he is always in his room,” she wrote.

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