Amberay, Jalango Linked To Kilimani Brothel

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By  | Oct 25, 2021, 03:37 PM  | Drama

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Jalango and Amberay have been linked to a brothel in Kilimani. The tea master shared screenshots from one of his followers who talked about a particular brothel where they accused Jalango and Amber Ray of being frequent visitors.
Amber Ray and Jalango being there is not even where the tea is. This follower whose identity has been hidden mentioned some of the most popular gospel artists that we have in the country. The likes of Ringtone and DK Kwenye beat.

Alot of these famous guys are always there. Kina Swaleh Mdoe, Ringtone Apoko, Holydave, DK Kwenye Beat. Sio Jalang’o tu. I used to work in those brothels so I meet a lot of these Kenyan celebs so sally sed to date Mike Sonko and that’s when she started having problems with the cops and closed the Kirichwa brunch.
Another celebrity who has been linked to this is Marya. Remember Marya from the hit song chokoza? Yeap! The follower has also accused Phoina hair to be part of the brothel business and claimed that she used to run one immediately after she was done with high school. 

We were in the same high school. We used to hang and go to places like Sanford kukula but boom. She opened some business with some strange people and she started avoiding us then boom a car, a vits then boom Phoina beauty. We were naïve at that time we didn’t know it was a brothel but later on tukafunguka macho. 

This is not the first time Jalang’o has been linked and accused of such accusations. Still, on the tea master, he once exposed him of being in a certain WhatsApp group that was dubbed the boys club, where members discussed the kind of women they would want to sleep with. It’s crazy, right? However, Jalango rubbished the claims.
As for Amberay, we both know that she is not going to keep quiet about this. If there is one vocal artist, it has to be Amber Ray, whatever you say about her, usiku bado atalala. She is all about positivity and doesn’t accept any form of negativity in her life. According to a screenshot shared by Edgar, Amberay was accused of being given special treatment at the mentioned brothel. While other ladies would stay there day and night, Amber Ray would show p at around 5 pm and then leave at around 9 am.

Do you think all thee accusations are true? What’s your opinion? Did you even know that some of these barbershops that we have in the city are brothels? Honestly, what I find really hard to digest is the fact that gospel artists have been mentioned in this saga. I am not trying to be judgemental or anything, but just think about it.

The lady who is accused to be owning this brothel in Kilimani, Empress is said to be close friends with Reverend Cathy Kiuna. I mean even Jesus associated with sinners right? Again, I am not judging at all. Hopefully, one of the said celebrities is going to comment and air their side of these hefty accusations. 

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