Amber Ray Brutally Disses Jamal

Kwani Aren't They Together?

By  | Aug 11, 2021, 01:45 PM  | Drama

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Amber Ray has been heating up the beaches of Mombasa as she tried to escape the unusually cold August weather.

The socialite has also been showing off her excellent physique on social media with men drooling for her. This morning, her arch-enemy, first wife, Amira embarrassed both her and Jamal when she said that the father of two had been taking her things and giving them to Amber.

In this case, Amira stated that Jamal had taken her over 30k speaker and given it to Amber Ray. She didn't stop there, she also went ahead to floss that she was doing well without Jamal.

Taking to her social media, Amira shared a photo of a Rolls Royce Cullinan, giving the impression that she had already bought it.

"We in the rolls and it ain't rented. Oh Oh. Your net worth is your net worth. Have friends who encourage you to never settle for less and work for what's yours," Amira wrote as she flaunted the expensive ride. Before adding,

"I am already better than his next," she said.

What is interesting is that Jamal's other woman, Amber is also taking shots at him. Just a few minutes ago, the light-skin socialite wrote, 

I don’t know who needs to hear this but not everyone you lose is a loss ..... well, not unless it’s me then you fvcked up🤣 #amberthebrand #kambabreed♨️

Her fans were instantly entertained with some of them noting the subliminal diss that she had just thrown Jamal's way, while others decided to diss her for "taking" Amira's speaker.

I love ur captions u ooze confidence... Jamal aint good for ur image u deserve greatness amber

Mumeelewa hiyo caption vizuri? 😁😀

I hope the message is got and taken sister👏👏

@iam_amberay unaendelea aje nyumba ndogo

Speaker ya harman/kardon ni how much guys?

What is fascinating to me is that Amber is still taking shots at a person most Kenyans think is with her in Diani at the moment.

The rumour doing the rounds is that Jamal took Amber to the coast as a way of getting back. So far no picture of Jamal and Amber have been spotted in the locale.

So what gives? Is she with him and playing a well-orchestrated joke or is Jamal just taking losses every which way he turns? You be the judge.

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