Amber Ray Responds To Her Ex

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By  | Jun 08, 2022, 10:34 AM  | Amber Ray   | Drama

Amber Ray Responds To Her Ex
The drama between Amber and her ex, Kabba does not appear to come to an end any time soon as the two are continuously trolling each other online, regardless of the fact that Amber already has a new man in her life.

In the most recent episode, Amber posted saying that she does not intend to date a foreigner again after her previous experience. This is after Kabba had posted saying that he pitied the guy who will end up with his ex (Amber) adding that she does not shower and she lives a fake life.

In response, Amber posted a video while in the shower in an attempt to make a point.

The whole drama started a few weeks ago when Kabba appeared to be throwing shades at Amber Ray through his Instagram stories.

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The basketballer had in the past posted a status saying that you can't change a h*e into a housewife. Most of his followers saw this as a direct attack on Amber.

Kabba did not stop there as he went on to say thank God that the powers of juju did not affect him. Again this was in reference to the rumors that have been spreading for quite some time now, of Amber being accused of using black magic and witchcraft to attract men. 

She has been fighting these allegations for the longest time but no one seems to believe her when she says she has never used black magic. 

Her fans were quick to rush to her timeline and report what is being said of her but Amber only responded with laughing emojis. Another fan wrote to her telling her that she turned the basketballer into a motivational speaker and Amber responded by saying, he pretended to be a gangster yet he was robbed in Nairobi. 

Just recently she made a post that also appeared to be directed to Kabba saying,

‘I don’t know who needs to hear this but I really hope you find the happiness you’ve been pretending to have.’

The online war between the two ex-lovers only serves to prove that Kabba has probably not yet moved on.

In a past interview with SPM Buzz Kabba said that the reason for their separation was the fact that he felt the relationship was one-sided as he was giving too much and receiving too little from the relationship.

He had also been accused of being violent towards her, an allegation that he clarified was not true. 

Amber has since moved on and Kabba says, had he known her character before they got together he would not have dated her. He however says he doesn't regret the good times they shared.

Amber is not new to these kinds of drama with exes since Kabba is not her first ex. She had gone through a similar experience with Jimal Roho Safi when they broke up. 

Her breakup with Jimal involved a third party, who is Jimal's first wife Amira. You see Jimal began dating Amber while he was still married to Amira something Amira could not accept. So she ended up leaving Jimal accusing him of disrespecting her. 

Shortly after Amber also decided to leave Jimal and she even deleted a tattoo she had of him. This left Jimal with proper character development and is now finding his way back with Amira. 

We however wait to see where the drama between the new exes will lead. 

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