Amber Ray and Ex Boyfriend Reignite War Over Socialite's Comments

Sema Kimeumana

By  | Aug 05, 2022, 03:16 PM  | Drama

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Amber Ray and ex-boyfriend Ibb Kabba are back at it again. The two have been exchanging Subliminals since the socialite spoke about her exes on Friday, August 5.

The socialite started the war when she was invited for an interview by Divalicious, Eric Omondi's persona, on his show. Amber Ray stated that she wanted all her exes to move on and not bother her anymore.

Sierra Leonean basketball star Ibb Kabba came out to defend himself against comments that were made by his ex-girlfriend Amber Ray. Ibb Kabba via his Instagram stories on Friday, August 5, responded that he was no one's ex.

"It's so funny for you to call me your ex. I'm no one's ex. You are just in my past, next time know how to say this," Ibb Kabba posted. He posted this after the socialite's comments.

Amber Ray, not one to back down from a dress-down, used a viral meme to respond to Ibb Kabba's comments on her earlier statement. The social media sensation used the Arap Mandich meme to ridicule her ex.

She demonstrated that she would be happy if a misfortune fell on one of her exes. In the meme, she portrayed a funny mood when she imagined that one of her exes had been arrested.

These specific responses to one another could only tell the fans one thing. The two had not completely moved on from one another. Ibb Kabba was still bitter and Amber Ray knew it, using her power to bring him back under her spell.

Ibb Kabba before breaking up with the socialite revealed that they dated for seven months only that their relationship came to public light towards its end. When asked why they had to keep the relationship on the low, Kabba said that he is not a social media person and all the attention the public gave to Amber was not conducive to a relationship.

He also addressed the allegations that he was violent towards Amber, of course by denying saying that he is not a violent person. He says they had a misunderstanding after Amber refused to stay in his place and he only took her phone trying to persuade her to stay, adding it was not as people in the media depicted him as being violent.

He said the reason for their separation was the fact that he felt the relationship was one-sided as he was giving too much and receiving too little from the relationship.

Amber had since moved on and Kabba said, had he known her character before they got together he would not have dated her. He however said that he doesn't regret the good times they shared.

She responded to the negative comments that Ibb Kabba said about her saying that she does not intend to date a foreigner again after her previous experience. This is after Kabba had posted saying that he pitied the guy who will end up with his ex (Amber) adding that she does not shower and she lives a fake life.
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