Amani Opens Up About Her Miscarriage

It was tough

By  | Jul 17, 2020, 06:56 AM  | Amani  | Drama

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Veteran Kenyan singer Amani recently welcomed a new born baby, but what we all didn’t know is that just like American actress, Gabrielle Union, she has had her own battles with getting pregnant and keeping a child due to the miscarriage she suffered earlier on. 

Unlike most celebrities who flaunt their babies on social media, the ‘’Missing My Baby’’ singer chose to keep hers away from the socials. Her husband who is said to be a Nigerian minister of the word however ended up sharing news about his new born; but later on pulled down the post.

Amani on the other hand maintained her silence until just recently when she opened up about an unknown side of her life. Turns out that before conceiving her newborn, she had earlier suffered a miscarriage that left her frustrated.

‘’When I took this picture last year I was pregnant but lost it. It hurt but in that moment I chose not to grumble or murmur or get angry. Though disappointed, I refused to give up and lose faith. I had conceived after not being able to conceive for a while. So I realized that my season had come and it was just a matter of time.’’
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Despite the pain of losing her unborn child; Amani says she conceived the next month and after 9 months she welcomed a healthy baby. Amani who is a first time mum went on to express her joy now that God enabled her to have her own child.

‘’I thanked God in advance and the following month I conceived again and this time the pregnancy was sustained. Today I hold my gift from God in my arms… My baby. It is still so surreal. Yahweh is a faithful God who is always on time. All the glory goes back to him.’’
After she opened up, fans were relieved to know that she is well and excited for her new born baby. Congratulations Amani. We cannot wait to meet him.

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