Alfred Mutua Denies Moving On From Lilian Nganga

"Wacheni mucene"

By  | Jan 17, 2022, 09:24 AM  | Drama

Dr. Alfred Mutua and Lillian Nganga
Governor of Machakos County, Dr. Alfred Mutua is denying claims of having a new girlfriend. 

The rumors came after a lady by the name of Shisha Pilaso shared some photos of her and Dr. Mutua on her social media pages.

Fans were quick to jump to conclusions as many Social media users immediately speculated that the woman in the pic was the governor's new catch.

They also gave their opinion that she was not as good-looking as former Machakos first lady and ex-lover of the governor, Lilian Nga’nga. On her part, Shisha did not do much in refuting that the governor was her partner, in fact, she welcomed the comments by responding to fans.

However, Dr. Alfred Mutua took to his Facebook page to defend himself. He stated that many people request to take pictures with him but it does not mean he knows them.

The Governor made headlines last year after word broke out that his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Lilian Nga’nga had ended. The pair did not have such an amicable separation and gave internet users quite a show.

It appears Dr. Alfred Mutua did not take it too well after Lilian moved on fast with musician Juliani. He demanded that his ex return everything she had received from him during their relationship after their breakup.

Juliani also alleged that the governor had paid people to send him threatening messages if he did not end his relationship with Lilian. The couple seems to be going strong despite the hate they are receiving online from trolls.

Even though they have not announced their separation publicly, fans have been of the opinion that the pressure might be taking a toll on their (Lillian and Juliani’s) relationship as the former Machakos, County First lady has been sharing cryptic messages on her page which have given fans reason to believe all is not well in her life.

In one instance, the well-known philanthropist gave fans a hint that there might be trouble in paradise when it comes to her relationship with Juliani. On her Instagram stories, Lillian shared a cryptic message which seemed to be aimed at her and Juliani’s relationship.

The text post noted that people are all alone, and they only have themselves to rely upon. She added that everything else is an illusion. Do you think Lillian and the governor are already missing each other? 
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