Akothee's Sister Finally Reacts To The Previous Post Made By Akothee


By  | Nov 29, 2022, 09:02 PM  | Drama

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It has been two days since Akothee came out to publicly break the ties between her and her younger sister Cebbie Koks. In a lengthy post, she put on her timeline Akothee said she wishes Cebbie well but does not wish to be associated with her or anything that she does. 

I wrote to my sister a very well elaborate letter as to why I am packing my bags out of our relationship 🤝 Several times I failed to send this letter,hopping, We could fix something, but then,
on the 31st of December 2021💔, I collected my courage And sent to it to her, then blocked her💔, This damaged me too for losing a friend ,it was not easy at All.

She went further to say that she will not be attending her wedding and neither will Cebbie be attending any of her functions. According to the boss lady, their latest crush was because they happened to be planning a wedding at almost the same time and her sister was feeling that Akothee's wedding was overshadowing hers, hence asking her to stop talking about it to her fans to which Akothee declined

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Now responding to all the drama Cebbie has posted on her Insta stories with a lot of calm and grace thanking those who have been sending her messages about the matter. Cebbie also thanked those who have been praying for her family and her union with city lawyer Steve Ogolla.

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The bitter rivalry between the two sisters came to light a few years ago after Edgar Obare exposed Cebbie for backstabbing Akothee. 

Cebbie however discredited those rumors saying their beef comes and goes like any other sibling rivalry 

“Family is family and I like the way people kept on attacking me ‘oooh you can’t fight the president of single mothers [akothee]’. She’s my sister. even if I killed today, she’ll open her arms and accept me because she’s more of my mother something people don’t know.” Cebbie said.
"We also fight badly and hit optimum. What people don’t know is that when Akothee and I are fighting in that family nobody talks because no one can bring us together. We found a way to talk and on that day (when she was exposed) and we don’t understand why people keep asking me if I’m talking to her. We don’t have to show you that we’re talking or we’re good. It didn’t dent us as much."

Just recently there appeared to be some kind of harmony when Cebbie came out to defend Akothee when she was accused of trafficking girls to Saudi Arabia.

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She took to Instagram with a statement that read, " I know you call her many names and have accused her of so many things with no evidence. but surely linking her to human trafficking  is so desperate and evil of you."

The harmony however appears to have been short-lived as Akothee has clearly indicated she does not want to be involved in Cebbie's business. 
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