I Will Insult You And Your Area Chief - Akothee Attacks Haters

Its going down bad

By  | Mar 28, 2021, 04:39 PM  | Akothee  | Drama

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"Being a celebrity is very difficult" Akothee before beginning to express her frustration with some of her followers whom she says hate her for no apparent reason.

The singer said that was disappointed with some of her followers who do not like the success of celebrities.

"I am not angry, I am just disappointed that your success is poisonous to some souls, whom you have just met online," Akothee said.

According to Akothee, celebrities wake up to all manner of things which if they don't address it their followers will believe in them. She further notes that if celebrities try to address the rumors they are criticized.

She warned that people should stop being hypocrites and should always mind that the celebrities also have friends and relatives around them who get hurt with their actions.

"You wake up to all kinds of rubbish, if you don't address it, they take it and run with it, if you address it, some idiots come under the umbrella of " don't stoop low to their level, Ignore them, and they will be the same ones sending you the trends in the inbox. People should stop being hypocritical. We are human beings, and we have relatives, families, and people around us, how do you think they feel when they see all this rubbish," she said.

Madam boss further urged the "hypocrites" to be humans and both their minds and those of the celebrities "instead of pouring pain, desperation to people who don't owe you nothing".

She noted that people hold the idea that when fans troll a celebrity it is okay but it is not okay on the other way around.

"When fans attack a celebrity it's their opinion when a celebrity reacts to the attack savagely 😂😂😂 ooh she/he is rude, showing off, she was once where they are, oooh, she is looking down upon her fans," the mother of five explained.

Akothee noted that the love/hate relationship between celebrities and their fans is the reason celebrities run away from their fans.

"The truth is, the love comes with equal shares of Hate 🤔🤔, but I just wonder how you hate someone you have never met...Is it not too much energy," she added.

The "Sweet Love" hitmaker noted that she will not sit back and see fans run over her with hate and resentments.

"As for me, I will insult you, remind you that you are suffering, mix your family and your area chief," she said.

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