Akothee Sets Strict Instructions For Her Death

Call police on the hypocrites

By  | Jun 25, 2020, 09:25 AM  | Akothee  | Drama

Controversial musician and socialite Akothee seems to have had enough with social media haters and the people she calls ‘fake’ celebrities that are always fast when it comes to seeking help from her but when it’s their turn to show support for her personal life or music, ignore her.

The mother of five has had a couple of social media outbursts in relation to that issue, among many other situations that cause her to question the intentions of her so-called fans, friends and followers.

After having a couple of tough days with family and friends and hibernating or call it detoxing from social media negativity, she is back to attack some malicious people who apparently want to ‘’kill’’ her online. Akothee has not wasted time to attack the fake celebrities, this time round saying they wish to see her dead and will be among the first people to type ‘RIP’ messages on their pages, yet they never support her when she’s alive.

In a twist of events, she seems to be ready for that moment and has clear plans and instructions in the event of her death.
‘’A celebrity is celebrated more when dead! than alive ,sad let nobody come to my funeral expecting special services.

you never paid for a vvip nor showed up on my concerts ,and when i am dead ,now you want to be recognized as one of akothees supporters, idiot .
don’t come .

I have instructed my family that ,in an event that i die before them, my body will be viewed at rakwaro primary school, so my loyal fans can see me  it has a huge space , none of my exes will fight over my body , its all sorted .
definitely i wont be burried in europe, rongo nyale ,but jakamagambo rakwaro kacha, if you want to eat in my funeral , please carry your packed lunch .’

dont come to frustrate my family with chieth vvip . you never paid for it when i was alive , stick to your lane idiot! my family are not celebrities, they are not the richest female artist akothee ,akothee has died with the show , come ,mourn ,bring gifts ,money and presents ,and leave in peace
 we shall all die yes.internet never forget so save this one ,you are internate
 i would rather have a funeral full of fans and 7 celebrities! did you know that very few celebrities contribute to paybills , sijataja mutu mimi call police.
 Fans if you see any celeb post my r.i.p on their pages ,and they never posted my work, please wake me up haki ’’
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