Akothee On The Struggles She Has Encountered Running Her Foundation

The singer has slammed those who takes advantage of her brand.

By  | May 14, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Akothee  | Drama

Kenyan multi-talented musician and philanthropist Akothee, has opened up about the struggles she has encountered, since she launched her own foundation. Taking to Instagram, the star said people are taking advantage of her brand because she is the one running it.

Akothee said her brand has become vulnerable as some cooperates promise her donations, but they do not fulfil their promises

“The foundation has made the brand very vulnerable, and people taking advantage of the fact that its Akothee running behind it, some cooperates have invited me to their offices, promised huge contributions. And after getting direct contacts with me, photos, that’s the end when I follow up on what they promised, its water under the bridge, & I look like a bother God is seeing you,'
she said

Akothee said some of her fans even demand to talk to her first, before they can donate and she has been stalked on numerous occasions.

'I wonder why they feel so special and that I Akothee must talk to them before they send their contributions, that’s why they get into the trap of one con man/woman, Esther Anyango. What makes them different from those who just see the paybill 205024 and do the necessary?, she said.

The spirit of entitlement is overwhelming in the society. I have people stalking me in the name of they want to contribute to the foundation, Even coming to my doorstep. one SAM came almost 4 times saying he has 50,000 pounds, He follows my life on Instagram stories and cooks his package, he was given the bank details and office address. The police called him so they could go and collect the contribution he had, he then switched off his phone 🙄 ,but he insisted on coming to my home, saying we met at the golf, he knows me from a long time, we Were friends, I sincerely don't know this annoying person. I almost got him arrested for stalking me,”
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