Akothee Disses Her Sister Cebbie Koks Days After She Defended Her

Siblings rivalry

By  | Nov 25, 2022, 01:56 PM  | Akothee  | Drama

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Singer and businesswoman Akothee has raised concern about what she was addressing after her recent remarks.

The mother of five has today posted photos of her homestead where she was chilling with her newfound omosh. The two came out in the limelight just a few days ago and the couple has flaunted every time they have spent together, from dinner dates to working on projects together to cooking in the house together. Akothee is having a good time.

Akothee took to her socials to show off her palatial home in Rongo. The luxurious residence is in Migori County and is estimated to cost Ksh. 100 million. The singer plans to live in the Rongo mansion upon her retirement.

The house's interior is elegantly designed with an expansive living room, furniture, and spacious bathrooms. The house also boasts a luxurious pool and a pavilion for sunbathing.    

In the post, Akothee bragged that she has everything and does not need to take photos in hotels or at people's houses to prove to people. This statement irked her fans and immediately they could tell that she was addressing her sister Cebbie Koks. 

Those who follow Cebbie know that she loves posting photos in hotels. Every chance she gets she posts from every hotel that she posts. 

"Now you understand why I am lazy taking photos in hotels or people's homes whenever I visit, I am very okay," She said.

"Cebbie I hope umesoma hii." A fan pointed out that she was addressing her sister, and another fan went ahead to confirm that she loves posting in hotels.

The two sisters are not on speaking terms, the two have unresolved issues. Akothee disclosed that she will not be attending her wedding which is planned for December with her lover city lawyer Steve Ogolla.

Akothee's Sister Comes To Her Defence Days After Their Fallout
It has been a few days since Akothee and her sister had a public drama that left fans divided on who between the two is right and wrong. The drama ended with Akothee saying she wants nothing to do with her sister and that she expected her sister to have nothing to do with her.

However, it looks like the blood relations between the two run deeper than anyone could imagine. This is after Cebbie came to the defense of Akothee from an internet user that was trying to shame her.

The troll suggested that Akothee has had way too many men in her life, and she should at least have a break. Well, that did not sit well with Cebbie who came back with a lengthy post defending Akothee.

The user who goes by the name Gordon Opiyo posted photos of Akothee with different men and captioned," Legend Akothee introduces "Omondi" the 7th man she is marrying. We wish her well in her 7th marriage and say "who are we to judge?"

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