A Moment Of Silence For Butita, Abel Mutua Appeals

He needs us now more than ever

By  | Nov 23, 2022, 08:18 PM  | Drama

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Film producer Abel Mutua has launched an appeal for comedian Eddie Butita to help him find some love. In a creative marketing strategy, Abel Mutua has posted a video on his social media sites narrating how he has been waiting for Eddie Butita to deliver a couples ticket for his show which is scheduled for the 25th of this month. Unfortunately Butita failed to deliver the said tickets.

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It is then that it dawned on Abel like he has narrated, that it would have been very difficult for a single person to deliver tickets to a couple. So in an attempt to find Butita some love Abel has appealed to people to get tickets for his next show.

As much as the story is mainly for marketing therein lies some truths in regard to Butita being single. A few days ago Mammito his ex-lover revisited their break up while in an interview at Kameme Tv where she said she grew bigger after the breakup.

Butita when questioned about it, he  said he would rather not respond to the matters of their break up because he might end up saying something that would affect him or Mammito in a negative way. So out of respect, he said he would not be making any comment about the matter.

Butita further said that there are a lot of things that happened behind the scenes and it may not be in order for the public to know about them.

The two had been very private with their engagements and very minimal information was in the public concerning their dating life.

Rumors of their separation had been spreading around but still, none of them had come out to confirm or deny them.

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During a past event to raise funds for Akuku Danger's medical bill the comedian however had hinted that their relationship was intact while addressing the media. A question about their relationship was raised and Butita replied by saying that the question required two people to answer and so if anyone was interested in finding out about them he should have an interview with them together and not just one.

He however went ahead to say that it will be difficult to have an interview with the two as they are both busy people.  The rumors of their separation started spreading after Mammito ignored Butita's birthday. That was strange since it was the first time she had not publicly wished him a happy birthday since they started dating.

In honor of his big day, the actor shared a video of his buddies showering him with champagne. The absence of Mammito, both at the party and on the caption, caused a lot of alarm among the couple's supporters. As one might anticipate, the question in most fans' minds was why Mammito was not present and accounted for at the celebration.

A day later Mammito unfollowed the comedian on Instagram sparking more speculations. Responding to the incident in a past interview Butita said he was not aware of what could have fueled that. He added that maybe she had forgotten to wish him a happy birthday.

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