Diamond Misses Tanasha Donna's Son


By  | Nov 14, 2020, 01:12 PM 

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Singer Diamond Platnumz may have parted ways with baby mama Tanasha Donna but he remains attached to their son Naseeb Junior nicknamed Tom Kaka.

Of all the babies he has had with his 3 baby mamas, only Tiffah Dangote and Naseeb Junior came out looking like Diamond Platnumz. 

With Tiffah and Nillan in Dar Es Salaam together with their mum Zari Hassan, who came to visit over the weekend; the singer has been spending some quality time with his kids; making him miss the other two Naseeb and Dyllan who is Hamisa Monetto’s son with the crooner.

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To prove that he indeed longs for his Kenyan son, the singer just a while ago went on to like and leave a comment on the latest photos of Naseeb Junior. Having been blocked sometime back; it seems that Tanasha finally decided to unblock him allowing her baby daddy to gain access to their son’s account.

Tanasha broke things off with Diamond 6 months after the birth of their son, claiming Diamond had stopped working on their relationship and that Diamond’s mom was too controlling.

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Tanasha posted the pictures on Naseeb’s Instagram page. The little lad looked super cute in the post, leading to his father commenting on the post.

The latest photos also show the striking resemblance between the two and if anything; he wouldn’t even deny being related to the handsome and cute Naseeb. 

Although it is no secret that Diamond Platnumz adores his kids; fans believe that he may be more in love with Tom Kaka who looks everything like him from when he was a child.

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