Diamond Defends Uhuru's Miserable #WaahChallenge

Anachocha tu!

By  | Dec 10, 2020, 11:27 AM 

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Diamond's Waah Dance Challenge has gone viral everywhere. Everyone is doing it; from celebrities, to street kids to presidents.

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Not one to be left behind when it comes to internet trends, Kenya's president Uhuru Kenyatta joined in the Waah fun a couple of days ago. Uhunye was at a youth campaign event when he was invited to the stage to show his Waah moves.

The president is always a good sport when it comes to viral dance participation, remember the 'dab' and 'Sura Yako' dance challenge with Sauti Sol and Barack Obama? Uhunye gladly joined the host on stage to shake a leg. But what ensued was absolute hilarity. Waah may have been the song playing, but Waah was not what Uhuru was dancing.

The struggle was real! His moves were a strange mix between dabbing, zangalewa, and a white guy at a rap concert. But as always he got an 'A' for effort from the crowd.

Diamond Platnumz definitely noticed Uhunye's effort too and gave him a big up on his Instagram page. Quietly, Diamond will not have been happy to see the way that the Kenyan president butchered his dance challenge, but as always, he knows where his bread is buttered when it comes to his Kenyan fanbase.

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""Thank you so Much Mr President UHURU KENYATA and the whole Kenya for the Love...Seeing our leaders supporting our Work, means alot to us.... and not only as Musicians but the African youth."

Chibu always has love for Kenya

Diamond's love for Kenya is well documented. His success will always be tied at the hip with this country which gave him his first true taste of international stardom. Kenyan fans have helped Diamond reach big career milestones in the past, including making Waah the biggest African song in YouTube history.

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Just last week, Diamond brushed off criticism from Kibera rapper Octopizzo to give a special message to his Kenyan fans. Octopizzo cursed Kenyans online for supporting the Bongo star too much instead of our own singers like Otile Brown. He said:

"MFs out here gassing Diamond but will not support Otile Brown. The Mediocrity on this platforms. Smh" 
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