Celebs That Were Bullied Into Depression

Mental health is no joke

By  | Jan 14, 2022, 10:21 AM 

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At one point in our lives, we've endured the odd and sometimes unrelenting bout of depression. For most of us, this bout comes from resurfaced childhood trauma. But for others, the bout of depression, particularly the unrelenting kind, comes from bullying.

The truth is, all depression comes from bullying, whether inflicted by family members, the self, or friends and acquaintances.

The worst kind, however, is the kind of bullying that comes from all directions, from all kinds of people, in all kinds of ways; the kind of bullying only celebrities endure. 

Here, we've created a small list of celebs who have fallen into depression due to cyberbullying, one of the worst ways to *be* bullied. 

Jacque Maribe

Jacque was associated with the murder of the businesswoman Monicah Kimani a few years ago and that was the beginning of everything that was going to haunt her.

She opened up in an interview with True Love that while she was in the middle of the skirmish, she not only lost a lot of her friends but she was also getting incredibly trolled and bullied by Kenyans on the internet, she said that she even heavily considered Killing herself at that point. 

Luckily, she is doing fine now, and the court proceedings are bound to happen sometime next month

Lynda Nyangweso

Linda Nyangweso was the bubbly radio presenter that everybody knew and loved.

Her experience with cyberbullying however began when she posted a photo of herself, her child, and her husband while on the beach.

Well, her photo went viral and she even reported that she experienced such heavy cyberbullying that it extended to her husband's private messages.

Linda revealed that she had struggled with her weight since she was young and was often bullied so hard that she contemplated suicide multiple times.

Elodie Zone 

Elodie, Nviiri's now ex-girlfriend has never kept her mental health struggles a secret from her fanbase.

Even so, she had gone viral in 2019 after she was captured 'making fun' of people's lifestyles, apparently belittling them.

Elodie was heavily cyberbullied after that, and since then, has kept her mental health journey public, hoping that it would help her followers who go through the same thing.

Elsa Majimbo

Elsa Majimbo is the Kenyan comedian that made it to Hollywood. Her largest fanbase is, however, in South Africa.

A very interesting interview report went viral today with a piece on her saying that she felt more at home in South Africa than Kenya, her actual home.

According to Elsa, she was bullied so much while in Kenya, even falling into a depression due to her dark skin and her humor that fellow Kenyans never seemed to quite get.

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