Celebrities Battling Endometriosis

The most painful disease for a woman

By  | Jun 19, 2021, 09:10 PM 

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More than likely, you've met or known someone who has endometriosis or suffered complications related to it. It's a very common disease, yet it is one of the worst diseases that any woman can get.
An ailment that affects the uterus, Endo is basically a disease in which the tissue that is supposed to align the inside of a woman's uterus outlines the outside of it meaning that when the person says has their period, it's a process that involves both the inside and the outside of the uterus meaning periods are some of the most painful things you can imagine! There have been comparisons to childbirth for scale... and to make matters worse, it is also a disease that requires many surgeries to alleviate the pain and complications daily, so adding on taking extremely potent pain medications for basically the rest of their lives.
Here, we've compiled a small list of some of the celebrities that suffer from the debilitating condition, with so e of them even being promised never to have children and others having it drain their pockets and asking for donations. We wish them a peaceful journey through the illness. 

Corazon Kwamboka

Corazon Kwamboka first started speaking on her journey with Endo when she and her boyfriend Frankiejustgymit first got pregnant. She revealed that she had never been expecting to get pregnant because that was what the doctors told her through her numerous hospital visits. 
Because of that, she called her son her miracle child and he is one of the most spoiled babies out there, his mummy loves him so much!
She has battled the illness most of her adult life and says it is no fun. 

Natalie Githinji

Natalie Githinji, the NGR presenter that many assume to be the joyful, giddy girl around the block revealed to her followers that she has been battling terrible endo for most of her adult life.
Her recent posts, which have been centered around her most recent surgery, just go to show how much she actually goes through before she is on the airwaves. 
"nataliegithinjiThis journey ain't as easy as i thought it would be... ve had a very stressful night because of pain... sleeping was a problem...woi😢😢

Breathing at some point is a problem.... laughing and moving is also a problem ... but I'm still fighting tbh...

i just want to get well and go back to my daily activities.... heh 😰....I'm still bleeding though after surgery ... i actually use 6 pads a day... but oh well...

Thank God that I'm under very strong medication... and my mama is taking good care of me.... i will be well and i will bounce back..... thank you insta fam for the love and support...i couldn't be this strong without y'all... and also to everyone reaching out... nawapenda... nitakua tu poa...

#yellowboldgirl #endowarrior #endometriosisawareness"
We wish her a speedy recovery.

Jahmby Koikai

The former Sauti Sol manager was managing her illness rather well until years back when she got gravely sick and found herself lying in the hospital for weeks on end and had to stop managing them.
She has been documenting her journey very clearly throughout her social media and has been one of the biggest most stout figures when it comes to championing those with endo.
Of late, she has reported being feeling better and better, however, and we hope that she will keep at that tangent. 
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