Celebrities On Weight Loss Journeys

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By  | Jun 19, 2021, 04:07 PM 

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Sometimes losing weight can be one of the things that are so hard to accomplish, that you feel like giving up.
In a culture that is as toxic and appearance-based as ours, one can only imagine how difficult it is for celebrities to go through the type of judgment other people go through, but with everybody's eyes on them but still not being able to fit society standards of beauty of a 25-inch waist or a rock hard 6 pack abs!
Not to mention the type of bullying they receive over their DMS.
here, we've made a small list of celebrities that are still going through the weight loss process by eating well and exercising and it seems to be working pretty well for them. 

Betty Kyallo

Betty has always been know as the chubby but cute news presenter although it is looking like she is tired of that stereotype and is looking to get a hot body for herself!
Betty has been documenting her days at the gym, showing her bootie and her recently acquired flat tummy. Go betty, you can do this!

Willis Raburu

Willis may be having some of his fans worried because there are rumors that he is battling depression.
Even so, he is still well on his way to getting a hot bod because he has been keen on his time at the gym and building muscles for days!
He just celebrated a  baby shower with his new secret girlfriend so maybe his new little one is whom he wants to build great muscles for?

DK Kwenye Beat

DK probably has the saddest backstory to his weight loss journey as he was mercilessly bullied for what seemed like adding a large amount of weight while he was on hiatus.
He has steadily lost a good amount but he says he still has a lot to go. 
HIe looks much better and healthier though we hope he did it for himself and not other people's judgment because we all need a body-positive environment for our celebrities.

Murugi Munyi

Yummy Mummy as she was formerly called has been making her weight loss a big part of her life especially of late.
She has steadily lost over 30 kgs since she started her weight loss journey and one must admit, she looks pretty good!
She obviously has banging curves underneath and we cant wait to see her new look even though her confidence has been through the roof already of late 

Who are you rooting for? Do you think society should embrace the body positive movement or should ou celebrities all have mini waists and abs for days?  
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