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Nadia Mukami
Nadia Embroiled In Vicious Court Case With Employee
Singer reveals details
Diamond Platinumz-Image
Diamond Platnumz And His Baby Mamas
Don't expect him to stop making babies
Amina Abdi
After Miss Mandi, KOT Go After Amina Abdi
“I hear Amina wa The Trend is worse than Miss Mandi”
Rose Muhando
Rose Muhando Wants A Rich “Mzungu” Man
Says it's her prayer for this year
Mwalimu Rachel and Sailors Group
Mwalimu Rachel Hits Back At Sailors Group
She is no longer managing artists
Dr. Alfred Mutua and Lillian Nganga
Alfred Mutua Denies Moving On From Lilian Nganga
"Wacheni mucene"
Nviiri and Elodie
Nviiri’s Ex Shares Video Of Herself Half-Naked
Elodie Zone to the world
Karen Nyamu and Samidoh
Karen Nyamu Done With Samidoh, Insults His Wife
Kumbe hii ndio form ya wakili
Dj Mo, Willy Paul and Jalang
Kenyan Celebrities With The Biggest Sex Scandals
Kiliumana vibaya sana
Michelle Ngoje
Diana Marua’s Sister Speaks About Her Drug Addiction
You only live once
Lillian Nganga
Why Is Lillian Nganga Speaking About Death?
“Reality is that today could be your last day”
Eunice Mammito
Mammito Shares Her ‘Mjulubeng’ Preference
Do you make the cut?
Samidoh and Karen Nyamu
Samidoh’s Wife Hits Karen Nyamu Where It Hurts
The love rivalry continues
Wema Sepetu-Image
Celebs That Have Been Skinny Shamed
Yes, it's a real thing
Mulamwah and Carol Sonie
Mulamwah Reveals Sonie Cheated On Him For Being Broke
Aki wanawake nyinyi
American Journalist Caught Up In KPLC Power Outage Drama
KOT didn't care that he was just chilling