Arnelisa Mungai Shares Lessons from her Sister’s Devaststaing Death

Time Heals All Wounds

By  | May 27, 2020, 07:07 AM  | Arnelisa Mungai  

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I think it’s safe to say that Arnelisa Muigai, the remaining heiress of the Keroche empire  is slowly coming to terms with her sister’s death.

Tecra, her very youthful sister passed on at age 28 , a few days to her 29th birthday devastating her family, friends and acquaintances. The latter met her death in a fatal car accident.

As the days since her passing pass by, her sister Anerlisa Muigai is learning to forge ahead and deal with the loss. She has been sharing some of the lessons the incident and life in general have taught her thus far.

In a series of Insta-stories,  she opened up about the kind of relationship she had with her sister slowly coming to terms with the harsh reality that her sister is no more in these statements.

There are Individuals you should not always trust with your personal life because some day, they will use it to their advantage and to your disadvantage.

And when you receive that blessing, keep it to yourself. Who said everyone should no about it? After all, can you tell your enemies from your friends?

However, if they do you wrong, don´t be the one to revenge, greater forces can do that for you. Just make peace with them.

After all, two wrongs never made a right.

Instead, invest in your kin: your family, your lover, those closest to your heart because these are the people who shall never back out on you.

For the lovebirds, work together from the very start and rise up to build your kingdom with your Queen

At the end of the day, it all trickles down to one thing: those who will hold your hand, cry with you, comfort you, give you hope and show you love while on your deathbed.

For those who would think twice, then probably shouldn´t be in your circle.

She sums it up with ‘’Do not give up kindness for anything else. Be kind.’’

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